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Choosing furniture for the girl's bedroom is a responsible event, because in this room the child will not only relax, but also spend your free time and study. Environmental subjects should perform certain functions, correspond to the child's age and take into account his hobbies. The role of furniture in child development Child psychologists believe that identifying the child's gender has complex mechanisms. 

This process begins at a very young age - at 2-3 years. It is influenced by the way of education that parents preferred and by the world around it. The bedroom is a place where the child is a long time, so the environment in it will contribute to the development of femininity in girls and male traits in boys. Furniture designed for the girl's bedroom is easy to distinguish from the boy in the smoothness and softness of the lines and shapes, as well as by the delicate color scheme, texture and décor. With the right choice of pieces of furniture from the young creation it is safe to grow a real woman. Features of furniture for children's bedrooms Bedroom front furniture must meet the general requirements for furniture intended for children.

 All materials, including consumables, must be of natural origin. High quality wood, natural upreaunification materials, safe and high-tech paint coatings, and glues are capable of ensuring the safety of the child's health, and guaranteeing comfort. Furniture for the girl's bedroom must meet orthopedic requirements. When organizing a bed choose a bed with a normal height, which has good stability, and equipped with an orthopedic mattress. The height of the table and chair should correspond to the growth of the child, which will contribute to the development of the musculoskeletal system and will not cause posture disorders. Technological capabilities allow you to produce this furniture with adjustable height.

 Furniture for the girl should be functional, and meet the needs of her mistress. The size and configuration of the products should not clutter the room, and serve as an obstacle to the games or movement of the child. Spacious and compact furniture is the best solution for a children's bedroom. Light trees with warm pastel shades are the best materials and color furniture solution for girls. Designers do not recommend the use of contrasting combinations of colors, so as not to destroy the fabulous atmosphere of the bedroom.

 Furniture with a wooden structure, decorated with sculptures or drawings, is quite suitable in the children's bedroom. A good version of the furniture design - coating with paint, in harmony with the interior. The girl's bedroom uses headphones or picks up items separately. There are many options for the design and design of the bed. Among them there are both classic models decorated with carved headboard, and original modifications. In a small room can be installed furniture, which sleep is on the second level.

 Mandatory attributes in the girl's bedroom are various accessories - elegant bedspreads, decorative pillows and pillows in the form of toys. One of the distinguishing features of women's body furniture is the ability, as the number of suits, accessories, shoes and various small things that exceed the needs of boys. A comfortable and compact storage space can serve as a wardrobe, and for small objects is perfectly small chest. Individual furniture design will create a single composition, in harmony with the style of the interior of the room. Shelves or open floors can be used for toys, books and items for creativity. 

If the girl's bedroom is quite spacious, the toilet table with a mirror can please the young fashionista. When you reach adolescence, it is recommended to change the situation of the child's bedroom. In this case, it is optimal to use functional furniture of classic style, and a fabulous atmosphere of childhood can be created with a variety of accessories. 

The choice of individual pieces of furniture should be approached in particular. They can complement, update, change your interior, giving you the opportunity to be surrounded by your favorite things. Thanks to many years of experience, we will be able to select exclusive options for the manufacture of seemingly standard furniture. We carry out the entire production process from furniture purchases to finished product. As a result, you will receive not only elegant, flawless furniture, but also a functional solution that suits you. and your family.

 Choosing a bedroom: how to order the best option? In each house, a bedroom is a special, comfortable corner, hidden from the grieving eyes, able to inspire through its comfort and style. Thinking about how to create such a harmonious atmosphere, how to fill the bedroom, how to make it unusual and elegant, we try to find the best solution and combinations. Buy a bedroom consisting of closet furniture, a set of modular bedrooms, each separate item with a variety of styles, materials, textures and details - the whole variety of options often complicates the decision even more and does not allow us to get real pleasure from choosing our new bedroom. Today we will talk about the main points in the process of choosing a bedroom and we will discuss specific options for appropriate solutions. 

First, let's decide on the style of the future bedroom. You most likely treat this room with a special trepidation and already understand at least roughly that, for example, furniture in a classic style fits into your inner vision, and the modern, although an interesting style, is in your place in this room. When ordering a bedroom, choosing a stylistic direction that you like is the starting point from which additional actions will follow. Now you need to understand some of the most important criteria that we will take into account your bedroom. The bedroom potier will serve you for more than a year and must be of the highest quality, reliable and durable. 

Given the time spent in the bedroom, we recommend, if possible, to order the manufacture of a bedroom made of natural, ecological materials, most of which is wood, solid wood and its derivatives. The latest trends in choosing a bedroom suggest that the optimal set should include a bed, a bedside table - bedside tables and a place for storing things - a drawer or a closet. A table of clothing, mirror, benches and Ottoman adds comfort to the laconic version. 

Bedroom furniture is just the case that a ready solution, which has proven its quality and reliability, can be integrated inside you. individually, choosing wood species, textures, processing, addition of textiles and lighting. Now, let's look at the specific proposals on how to choose a bedroom in Cherkasy, taking into account all the criteria and trends described. 

The company "Tree Center" offers custom bedrooms in any city of Ukraine , ready-made solutions (furniture sets) or even a complex option - a set of ready-made furniture with your wishes. Individual. We start from natural materials, a complete production cycle and the presence of all elements for filling a bedroom. An example is the sleeping set "Rome" . Made of solid wood, ash, arin and consisting of a bed (select size, frame, end), bedside tables, drawers, mirrors and benches - an excellent option for a classic lightweight and sophisticated bedroom.

 If you are more interested in a bedroom with such a wide set of furniture, but in dark wood tones with memorable furnishings, take a look at the set of bedrooms "Florence" . An example of more laconic, but which preserves the nobility and style of wood, can be a sleeping set "Venice" , which consists of a bed, a bedside table, a drawer and is ideally combined with other elements of the existing décor in your home. Another option for decorating your bedroom can be natural wood furniture with different methods of processing and coating. 

The company "Tree Center" offers a bedroom "Carmen" of arin and ash, painted in pastel colors. Such a set is suitable if you want to add unusual visual solutions to the classic design of a wooden bedroom. Another option for decorating your bedroom can be natural wood furniture with different methods of processing and coating. 

The company "Tree Center" offers a bedroom "Carmen" of arin and ash, painted in pastel colors. Such a set is suitable if you want to add unusual visual solutions to the classic design of a wooden bedroom.