How to choose the best Italian furniture

The dimensions of each module must correspond to the possibilities of the space - this task can be easily approached by custom furniture. 

Classic Italian bedroom furniture

You can choose, for example, a wardrobe from a standard collection and you can simply change its dimensions, or you can order a completely unique design project. Divide the room into several conditional areas, where each has its own meaning. For example, a common area, children, sleeping, working. Designate the areas between them with conventional borders - their function can be performed by the edge of the carpet or wallpaper. 

 The separation may be clearer. This can be done with furniture, especially open shelves. Very convenient: the shelves can be used on both sides! A good folding sofa or a folding bed will look great in the sleeping area. In any case, it is desirable that the sleeping area be equipped with linen storage boxes. 

 Equip the work area with a folding desk. Such furniture is multifunctional: during the day it serves as a workplace, in the evening it is suitable for friendly meetings or for a romantic dinner. Tip 6 In the kitchen, which is probably not very large, you can significantly save space by using built-in appliances: microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher. It is unlikely that an island can be installed in such a kitchen, so we use the standard arrangement of furniture - along the walls. 

For a tiny kitchen, order a removable bar. An ideal solution for a hallway in a small apartment will be a spacious closet. If you make the mirrored doors, then it will completely replace the large wall mirror of the wardrobe. If the bathroom is small, then take a closer look at showers or corner baths - these can be a good alternative to the traditional rectangular bathtub, as they use more vertical space than horizontal.