Discover the best 10 bedroom design ideas with Italian furniture

 The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, it is the place where you sleep and recharge with energy.

Due to the fact that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, the quality of sleep and the time spent in the bedroom are influenced by the way it is arranged.

Tips italian bedroom Furniture

Tips italian bedroom Furniture

Tips italian bedroom Furniture

Modern bedroom design ideas

Modern bedrooms approach a simple, clean and functional design. A bedroom must contain a small number of pieces of furniture, with the greatest attention being paid to the bedroom bed. It must be large, with a comfortable mattress and have a modern design.

Find out what are the trends in classic bedroom arrangements from Nobili Design specialists:

The rest of the pieces that complete the bedroom must follow the same style and colors as the bed. A bedroom should not have more than three pieces of furniture and one or two decorations. It must be spacious and airy, offering a feeling of freedom and space.

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Which bed to choose for the bedroom?

When choosing a bedroom bed, you have two options. You can choose a large bed, with the risk that it will take up a lot of room space or a smaller bed for more space.

Given that we spend most of our time in bed in the bedroom, we advise you to choose a larger bed and leave a place to pass, to have access on both sides. A large bed will always be more comfortable and welcoming.

Upholstered Italian beds for the bedroom - 10 models:

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Due to the roof, the bedrooms arranged in the attic benefit from more natural light, thus creating a more intimate and secluded place. The arrangement of the bedroom in the attic focuses on experience and comfort.

Bedroom arrangement with furniture in the attic

The bed for a bedroom in the attic must have a smaller headboard, be as spacious as possible and must be positioned just below the roof windows, to take full advantage of the whole experience.

Arranging the bedroom in the apartment

Due to the limited space in some apartments, the arrangement of a bedroom is a bit more limited and quite restricts the design options.

The color of the walls and the color of the furniture must have a light shade to give the feeling of more space.
When choosing pieces of  italian furniture, it is preferable to opt only for a bed, two bedside tables and a dresser. Thus the bedroom will be more airy and spacious.

Decorative elements for a modern bedroom

Since modern bedrooms focus on occupying as little space as possible, the decor elements must be few in number and match the rest of the furniture in the bedroom.

The most popular decor elements used in the bedroom are paintings and wall clocks. We have prepared below some interesting models:

Choosing colors in the classic bedroom

We advise you to opt for a lighter color, because light colors give a feeling of more space and harmony. Delicate shades of white, gray and beige are ideal for the bedroom.

Opt for an open bed linen to lighten the color of the room even more.

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