Everything you need to know about wood Turkish furniture

 Designer furniture from Turkish manufacturers not only combines functionality and maximum comfort, its luxurious design immediately speaks to the style and taste of its owner. Discover luxury collections that are exactly the kind of Turkish furniture that will allow you to relax, delight your eyes and amaze your guests. 

Everything you need to know about wood Turkish furniture

Everything you need to know about wood Turkish furniture

Everything you need to know about wood Turkish furniture

Everything you need to know about wood Turkish furniture

On the Nobili Design website are presented models of classic furniture for the living room, elegant sofas and showcases for the living room and for dining, you can find a decor for any room. The popularity of our branded products is due to their quality and convenience, functionality and unique design. The Turkish furniture on display includes exclusive classic-style designs, designer corner sofas, and modular sofas that allow you to experience the space of the room.

Classic ottoman

Before making a choice of furniture for your home, it is worth considering all the options. Ottoman is a type of furniture that few people know about, although they use it almost every day. The name is a derivative of the French word "ottomane", this is how the French called the Ottomans - the inhabitants of the Turkish Empire.

Initially, the ottoman was an ordinary sofa without a back, more like an ottoman. It was covered with a soft cloth or carpet, and it was always comfortable to lie in a pile of pillows. The low-legged ottoman later acquired a small curly back; she fits perfectly into the atmosphere of modern apartments, although she has a clear oriental style.

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An ottoman can easily replace a table or an armchair, recently this product is multifunctional, it is an ageless classic. In modern models, a spacious box for storing bedding has appeared, although it is not recommended to use an ottoman as a permanent bed, but guests will really like.

How not to be mistaken in choosing the color of furniture

The color in the interior has a strong influence on our psycho-emotional state. Experts warn that an incorrectly selected range can cause discomfort and even sleep disturbance. That is why the color design of furniture and the interior as a whole should be taken with full responsibility.

In addition to emotional comfort, correctly selected shades will help visually expand the room and make an interesting emphasis on its specific areas. Special care and delicacy should be exercised when decorating a bedroom - the most cozy island of tranquility in your home.

Why are mistakes in choosing the color scheme of the bedroom dangerous?

A place to relax should evoke calm and even emotions, tune in to pleasant leisure. Bright and "heavy" colors are not appropriate here, because they tone up the nervous system, cause an emotional outburst, which makes it possible to fully relax. A sweet and restful sleep in such an extravagant screaming bedroom is a rarity.

In order not to feel tired and weak after a night's rest, avoid bright shades of yellow, orange and red in the design. These are particularly aggressive colors in the palette.

But there is one cunning method that allows you to safely use forbidden shades even in the bedroom. It is enough to choose a calm pastel partner to the aggressive color - and, voila, the wild "beast" is tamed and the fashionable interior radiates the necessary energy.

Rules for choosing the right furniture color

There are three main factors that influence the selection of a harmonious color scheme:

Decorating and decorating walls, floors

Now the choice that meets all the criteria is huge, manufacturers easily implement the most complex and daring idea of ​​the owner of the house. But at the same time, you should remember about several important aspects of color compatibility:

Furniture design and style

Green is a favorite for bedroom decoration, as it calms and pacifies, helps to relax and fall asleep easier after a hard day at work.

Walls painted in dark blue can be balanced with furniture in light colors. Such visible contrast will not interfere with proper rest.

The gray tones of the walls offer a wide range of furniture colors. White and yellow, blue and gray, brown and dark beige, green and red - almost no restrictions

Beige walls in the room are harmoniously combined with furniture in black, pink or rich red, milk or white, sand or yellow.

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The size of the room also dictates strict rules: the lighter the shade of the furniture, the better it visually expands the space. Dark basic interior items "eat up" the area.

When style and color matter

Restrictions in furniture design primarily relate to the classics, where flashy and trendy colors in the interior are not appropriate. This is especially true for certain subspecies (baroque, empire, gothic), where decoration in traditional colors is welcome. Here it is enough to decorate individual details in gold or silver.

Ethnic furniture shouldn't shock too with trendy bright colors. For this style of interior, the main favorite is the tone of natural wood.

Furniture in a modern style is devoid of taboos, so any color you like can be easily entered into the desired room. The main thing is to choose the right scale and not overdo it.

Drawing conclusions

When choosing a furniture color, it is important to consider the overall style and design of the walls, floor. If the headset is bright in color , then the room itself should be in neutral pastel colors. And vice versa: light furniture can be successfully combined with dark wall and floor finishes.

Everything you need to know about wood Turkish furniture