Are you looking for Italian bedroom furniture? Choose famous luxury brands

 An Italian-style bedroom is always assimilated with the idea of ​​luxury, even if the interior is decorated according to the principles of asceticism. Luxury is reflected in every detail - materials, their processing, combinations, shapes, decor and their lack. Changes in interior design trends are unlikely to affect the Italian style. They touch it easily only to refresh it, update it, adapt it to the particularities and needs of modern life. In this article, we will talk about what an Italian-style bedroom might look like.

Italian bedroom furniture: interior features

Are you looking for Italian bedroom furniture? Choose famous luxury brands
Are you looking for Italian bedroom furniture? Choose famous luxury brands
Are you looking for Italian bedroom furniture? Choose famous luxury brands
Are you looking for Italian bedroom furniture? Choose famous luxury brands

The Italian or Mediterranean style has several features that make it recognizable: Natural materials First of all, this applies to furniture. Italian-style bedroom furniture is usually made of natural wood. Even if the bed is framed with textiles or natural leather, its frame is made of oak or pine.

The furniture for the closet is also made of wood. It can be painted, lacquered, imitating untreated wood. Natural materials are preferred for floors - wood, stone. But it is allowed to use artificial materials that repeat the appearance and texture of natural ones.

Are you looking for Italian bedroom furniture? Choose famous luxury brands
Are you looking for Italian bedroom furniture? Choose famous luxury brands
Are you looking for Italian bedroom furniture? Choose famous luxury brands

There are no strict rules in their choice, but they usually gravitate towards natural pastel colors - beige, blue, olive, sand, brown, gray. Bright shades, especially acidic ones, simply cannot fit organically into the Mediterranean style.

The interior of the classic Italian bedroom is rich in textures

They are present in the decoration of furniture, walls, ceilings. These are carved decorative elements, stucco molds, molds. The classics of the style are the mosaics or Venetian plaster on the walls, mirrors and paintings in wand frames.

Classic Italian bedroom furniture

In the classic interior of the Italian bedroom, strict geometry with clear angles is rare. Soft lines, fine transitions are typical for this style. Bows are one of the most recognizable features of the style. These are not necessarily doors or windows. The walls are decorated with arches, the ends and the doors of the furniture are oval.

Italian-style bedroom: furniture and its shades

Italian-style beauty and comfort are made of natural materials and a large number of textiles. This moment is most clearly expressed in the decoration of the furniture. Metallic elements are extremely rare in the Mediterranean interior. Beds, sofas, armchairs, down are almost always soft, covered with expensive textile upholstery.

In many classic models, they look more like art objects than functional pieces of furniture.

In a modern interpretation, Italian-style bedroom furniture is more restrained, which allows it not to resonate with the minimalist design of the walls, floor, ceiling. But the main features - softness, comfort - are kept in it.

Wardrobe furniture also has its own characteristics. Chests of drawers, wardrobes, bedside tables, bedside tables are simple, but generously spiced with decor. Curved legs, moldings, sculptures, spectacular handles. All these are brought in the Italian style from the classics, which the Tuscan elite adores.

It is enough to look at the photo of the Italian-style bedroom design to draw an objective conclusion: its base is the refined furniture, from which it breathes luxury. Everything else - decorating the walls, decorating the floor, lighting - works to emphasize its effect.

Italian style bedroom options

When decorating a bedroom, designers use several interpretations of the Italian style: Classic Involves creating a luxurious interior with all the attributes - natural materials exclusively in furniture and decor, Venetian plaster, frescoes, stucco, columns, arches, ceiling beams. Just like paintings and mirrors in massive frames. It is almost impossible to do all this in a small bedroom of a typical city apartment. But in a spacious country mansion - it is very possible. This pleasure will not be cheap.

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Decorating a bedroom in a classic Italian design with budget materials and furniture will not work. The result will be similar to a poor reproduction of a famous painting.

Rustic bedroom furniture

There is no classic claim in it, but the most important thing is present - natural wood and it is almost everywhere. Most of the interior is made of solid wood - furniture, walls, floor and decorations. The items are generously decorated with carved patterns that can be combined with the deliberate and careless processing of the main details of the furniture.

There are fewer textiles, less ostentatious luxury. But the fact that this is a unique expensive interior is read from every inch of space.

Tuscan bedroom furniture

These are the interiors of rural villas in Tuscany. They have a lot of attractive luxury - expensive textiles, gold in wall decoration. There is natural stone on the floor, frescoes on the walls. Each piece of furniture is a work of art. And all this in a large space with an abundance of natural light.

Modern Italian bedroom furniture

An interpretation of the Italian style that can be made even in a small area of ​​a city apartment. From the classic version, it remains: beautiful expensive furniture, antique decor, careful zoning with light. Everything else is adapted to modern stylistic trends. It is allowed to replace natural materials with artificial imitations. Wood - laminate, veneer, MDF. Natural stone - sandstone. The contours of the modern Italian bedroom furniture are more angular and simpler, so as not to resonate with the geometric lines of modern architecture in the living spaces.

The advantages of an Italian-style bedroom

Sustainability is an important point in the design of any living space, but for the bedroom it is a critical, fundamental issue. The Italian style, with its natural materials, is impeccable in this respect. Many versions of the Mediterranean style allow you to develop a design project for a bedroom of almost any size.

Because there are no strict requirements for colors and color combinations, you can decorate the room as you wish. In the modern version of the Italian style, even light, dark and cool shades are acceptable. And also mixing them. For example, the combination of warm tones in the decor and cool tones in the decor allows you to create an unusually spectacular design. But you can get chaos if you miss some details.

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These experiments are best done under the guidance of a professional designer. The Italian style is a kind of classic that has no "expiration date". Interior decoration is expensive. A single bedroom set can cost over a hundred thousand. But if you consider that you will use the result for several decades, these costs are perceived as a profitable investment.

How to decorate the living room-bedroom in Italian style There is a stereotype that such an interior is a luxury inaccessible to an ordinary person. That it can only be achieved in a huge mansion. In an ordinary house, not to mention small apartments, it is impossible to place all its attributes - columns, arches, ceiling beams.

But if you look at the photo of an Italian-style bedroom, adapted for modern apartments and houses, it is easy to see that this is a myth. To make a sophisticated and comfortable room, it is not necessary to follow all the canons of a classic Italian bedroom. Even in a bedroom combined with a living room, you can create the desired effect using only the main features of this direction:

High quality furniture

For example, a wooden bed with a decorative headboard. The ideal option is to bring bedroom furniture from Italy. Solid textiles; Antique accessories. Let it be a single image, but in a truly luxurious setting.

An even better result can be obtained using pastel shades typical of the Italian style - sand, chocolate, olives. Choose textile wallpaper with floral prints or Venetian plaster for wall decoration. Light is of great importance in the Italian interior. If it is not possible to hang a massive crystal chandelier, it is not critical.

What to consider when decorating an Italian-style bedroom The Mediterranean style is full of a large number of details and decorative elements: Textile decor - many pillows, canopy, bedspreads with ruffles, curtains. All this must be combined very competently with the upholstery of upholstered furniture.

Elements that create the texture - casting stucco, cornices, moldings, carved decorations. You cannot choose each of these elements in isolation from the others. Accessories - paintings, mirrors, vases, figurines. It shouldn't get inside by accident. There is also always the risk of exaggerating the number of accessories. Here it is rational to follow the principle - less is better than more.

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Creating a luxury interior design concept in which so many details will coexist harmoniously is not a task for a novice designer. Just a few mistakes when choosing materials or accessories and instead of a luxurious room decor, you will end up in chaos. Another practical tip: if you intend to use Italian-made furniture, we recommend that you order it immediately after you have agreed with the interior designer.

You can choose furniture for a bedroom in Italy according to the collections on our site, it will take a while. Its manufacture can take from 2 to 3 months to produce the set with the classic or the selected matrimonial bed. During this time, the construction and finishing works can be completed, and the installation of the furniture will become the crown of the bedroom design.

Title: Find out the advantages of classic Italian style bedrooms

The classic-style desktop looks massive

The legs can be cabinets with drawers, and the table top is covered with fabric or polished to a shine. The strict lines of the table are emphasized by the decorative finish. Combination of classics and modernity: dispute or agreement Now in its pure form, a classic interior is rare. This is due to the high cost of furniture in the classic style, the peculiarity of the room (small area or low ceilings). And modern furniture attracts with its convenience and thoughtful practicality. 

Therefore, the designers came up with a combination of different styles in one room. In order for the interior to be harmonious, one style should prevail and be the main one. Another is to complement and emphasize. Eclecticism The eclecticism is based on the classic style: wall decor, some furniture elements, multi-layered draperies on the windows. With pastel colors and straight lines, elements of modern style come to the fore. In the eclectic interior, you can find things from impressionism and modernity. From each style to eclecticism, things that are close in spirit come, so the interior does not crumble, and looks harmonious. 

 Neoclassic Furniture

This style took a lot from classicism, but progress cannot be discounted. Therefore, in neoclassicism, you can put a modern wardrobe, use spotlights, or install an electric fireplace. To give the interior antiquity, they use not gypsum stucco molding, but polyurethane. Neoclassical living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms are bright, cozy rooms. The beauty of the classics is felt in them, the furniture has straight forms, carved rosettes, decorative elements. In this case, the chandelier can be LED and is lit by clap hands. 

 Modern The house looks fabulous in this style

 The main materials are: wood, metal, glass. They have lost the classic straightness of lines and intertwined in bizarre patterns. There is a lot of soft color in the Art Nouveau style. Stained-glass windows give a special chic to the interior, sometimes artificial light is used to illuminate them. Artistic forging in stair railings, flower stands repeats the smooth lines of the main interior. The furniture has retained the luxury of the classics, but has acquired curved and twisted legs, unusual backs and headboards.

  Conclusion Classic style furniture does not age, because is a symbol of respectability, taste and wealth. Now there is a large selection of models and materials: from budget to luxury. Therefore, the luxury of palaces became attainable. Classic style furniture fits into new buildings with panoramic windows and country cottages.