Find out what are the best ideas for decorating with Italian bedroom furniture

Italian-style furnishings, be it a bedroom or a living room, are usually compared to a royal suite. The aristocratic and laconic forms of the bedroom set have a magnetic effect and will not leave anyone indifferent - neither the owners nor the guests of the house. This furniture invariably combines excellent workmanship and first-class materials to create the most fantastic interiors. We will tell you about what Italian bedroom furniture is famous for in this article. 
Find out what are the best ideas for decorating with Italian bedroom furniture

Find out what are the best ideas for decorating with Italian bedroom furniture

Find out what are the best ideas for decorating with Italian bedroom furniture

 The chic and shine of the Italian bedroom interior 

Each time you enter your own Italian bedroom, you will imagine the streets of Florence with its bizarre facades, remember the majestic architecture of the Roman capital, the unique colors of Palermo, the airiness and lightness of the views of Venice. The Italian model of interior design has always occupied a separate position among European trends - this style is close to the classics and at the same time remains original. The warm atmosphere of the bedroom allows body and soul to relax and unwind completely.

It is not easy to create a real Italian interior, since various nuances must be taken into account when decorating. Of course, you should not clutter up the room with all the items that correspond to the style, but the main components of the design must certainly be present. 

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Namely: The Italian style looks more organic in rooms with high ceilings. For decoration, as a rule, a light scale is chosen, nevertheless, it is the dimensions of the room and its height that play an important role. Massive furniture, which is often furnished in Italian-style bedrooms, will look too bulky in small apartments. Various types of parquets are the main coating for flooring in this style. To give the proper look, the walls are covered with wallpaper, painted or embossed technologies are used. 

Wooden sleeping sets are completed by manufacturers from a variety of items: beds, wardrobes, cabinets, dressers. However, you can leave only the most necessary elements if the size and layout of the room does not allow more. According to the classical canons, it is customary to put a wide double bed with the headboard against the wall so that the windows are located on the side. The backrest carvings or upholstery in accordance with the Baroque style will be an exquisite decoration for the bedroom as a whole.

The most fundamental products in the Italian interior are cabinets. As a rule, they have massive and austere forms. Sliding wardrobes with mirrored doors have become one of the favorite designs of Italians. 

Facial care will be especially pleasant if you install a dressing table in the bedroom equipped with a classic rectangular or round mirror. Wooden frame with carvings - contemporary decor in Italian style. We must not forget about such an integral element of the headset as a pair of bedside tables. 

The general geometry of the furniture dictates the shape of the bedside tables, they can be semicircular or square, the classic finishing elements are carvings or metal overlays. An upholstered bench, pouf or a bench with curved graceful legs is placed at the foot of the bed. 
A large wardrobe is very good, but a chest of drawers with several drawers is suitable for storing a lot of small things. It is better to purchase a lightweight product for an Italian bedroom. The usual location of the chest of drawers is in front of the bed or against the side wall.
In some cases, a canopy can be installed above the bed. The bedroom is equipped with several light sources: the upper light is formed by a large crystal chandelier, candelabra can be its decoration, and the lower level of lighting is created by sconces or floor lamps. 

To illuminate the Italian bedroom, it is customary to choose dimensional chandeliers that look more impressive in spacious rooms with high ceilings. A square or rectangular rug can be placed near the foot of the bed as a beautiful accent. Such a decorative technique helps to revive the floor covering and fill the room with comfort. You can complete the decoration of the room with the help of art objects, for example, paintings. Do not forget to hang photos or reproductions in the same style, then the walls will not appear empty. 

 Advantages of Italian bedroom furniture 

Italian headsets have the following advantages: Furniture fittings are of high quality, reliable components and fixtures are used, varnishing and painting are made with resistant and harmless compounds. Many directions and styles. In each production in Italy, they observe their own traditions and their own style, but designers also follow modern fashion trends in the world. 

At all times and regardless of style, Italian furniture has been distinguished by harmonious forms and carefully thought-out color combinations. Multifunctionality - in the assortment list of furniture salons there are models of different sizes. Therefore, you can buy Italian furniture even for a small bedroom. 

Exclusivity and prestige. Italian furniture products combine quality and luxury and, of course, are able to satisfy the most demanding taste. Comfort. When creating bed models, designers think not only about beauty and grace, but do not forget about orthopedic requirements and European standards.

Disadvantages, or rather, features of Italian furniture that you need to pay attention to: It is often counterfeited and must be carefully checked when buying. Natural raw materials are used. Wooden surfaces do not withstand strong heating and changes in humidity, in addition, wood is an easily flammable material. But modern technology makes it possible to process furnishing details in a way that reinforces these weaknesses. Large weight of products.

 Wooden furniture is very heavy, this is especially felt during transportation and installation in a permanent place; on the other hand, it makes it more stable. If the family has small children who like to hide in closets, pull out drawers and climb on shelves, then the stability of the furniture is very important. 

 The color scheme of Italian bedroom furniture

 Warm and light colors are used for the color scheme of the bedroom in Italian style. Occasionally, blue and blue shades are used in decoration and furnishings. Citrus gamut and any of the acid variants are absolutely not suitable as the main colors. Shades of yellow, orange, juicy green are acceptable as separate accents. 

 With a seemingly limited set of shades in creating the interior of a room, a variety of color solutions can be used: The bedroom with walnut trim looks noble and restrained. This design will not leave anyone indifferent. Abundant decor is not typical for this style. The combination of khaki in the wall decoration and a dark headset looks conservative, but in keeping with tradition. 

 The beige palette harmoniously echoes the golden and peach shades, creating a warm, soulful atmosphere. The classic version of the Italian style is the choice of white for the bedroom. Daredevils who decide on such a design get an airy, light and catchy interior.

Find out what are the best ideas for decorating with modern Italian bedroom furniture

 Austere gray and dark green are suitable for more discreet design options. This interpretation does not contradict this direction. A lilac hue will add a touch of solemnity, and from its combination with dark wood, an unusual version of the Italian-style interior looms. 

Purple can be added to these basic colors as an accent, as a result, the bedroom will acquire a regal look. A drop of red or burgundy in the form of details of textile decor will also not be superfluous, only the color should not be flashy, but deep and noble.

Furniture sets can be very diverse in color and texture

 Let's see what options for wood shades exist: Wenge is one of the most expensive and specific types of wood, which is often used in a dark color. The amber color looks pretty bold and bright. 

Furniture items can be initially painted in this way, or you can achieve this shade yourself by covering light-colored items with a layer of varnish. For those who are not keen on experimenting with colors, the ideal solution would be to choose a calm shade of ivory.

 Unlike white, he is less radical, young spouses like to choose him to create a romantic atmosphere. The surfaces of furniture facades can be matte and glossy. Traditions allow the use of varnish and enamel for wood processing. 

Oak furniture covered with enamel attracts the eye with its beauty and quality. And those who want to embody the latest fashionable solutions in their bedroom and combine modernity with tradition can choose furniture with glossy black facades. Add some golden decor for an amazing effect.

What style of bedroom interior is Italian furniture suitable for? 

All furnishings are selected in the same style. Only then will you feel comfortable in the bedroom. Italian designers have developed a huge assortment for bedroom decoration in different stylistic options. A classic that will never go out of style. 

Exquisite wood furniture sets will always be relevant. Such items are decorated with carvings, silver or gold trimmings.

From the harmonious combination of wooden furniture sets and decor details, comfort, warmth and tranquility are born. Is this not enough to feel happiness? Coming home after finishing work and being in an atmosphere of harmony is the greatest pleasure. Installing table lamps will add even more coziness to the room. 

The classic style is characterized by the sophisticated shape of the models, emphasizing the overall mood of the room. The classic design of the bedroom assumes a strict order in the arrangement and the absence of unnecessary details: the bed is installed closer to the windows in the back of the room; wardrobe and dressing table can be closer to the front door; it is customary to put a bench or a sofa at the foot. 

Compliance with these rules in the arrangement serves as a guarantee that there will be free space in the room. Pictures, figurines, lighting fixtures and other decorative elements should not clutter up the space, the main thing in the interior is beautiful furniture. 

 Italian classic-style bedroom furniture will be decorated with a snow-white bedspread, which will emphasize the elegant appearance of the interior. Neutral wall finishes serve as a backdrop for bright and catchy wood textures. 

 Magnificent furniture sets for the bedroom, living room or study in the Italian style have ceased to be an unaffordable luxury today. Prices depend on what is included in the set of Italian bedroom furniture: if it consists only of a bed, a wardrobe and a pair of pedestals, this is one thing, and if it includes all kinds of additional products: a banquet, an ottoman, a sofa, then the cost increases significantly. The decision to purchase should be based on the size of the premises and financial capacity.

There have been developed collections for bedrooms of various types, namely: Modern Italian bedroom furniture, which harmoniously combines natural wood with the fashion trends of the 21st century. 

Romantic and airy. A canopy canopy, an elegantly shaped bed, light wood - and now you have imagined a princess bed. Strict and restrained. With a minimum amount of decorative elements, the most practical and functional. We have listed the most popular Italian style options. Strict and beautiful classics, aristocracy and sophistication, gloss and beauty of appearance - these are the furniture sets from this country. 

With the help of Italian bedroom furniture, for example, solid beech, you can create a unique interior of the room. The demand for these products is growing, despite the crisis in the market. Modern bed models are equipped with a convenient lifting mechanism, under which a large storage space is hidden, or a drawer. 

These fixtures are designed to save space in small bedrooms. The assortment of Italian manufacturers includes children's sleeping sets and individual items. According to the style, the beds have a high headboard, the shapes of which are very diverse. The design of the beds in Italian style allows every child to feel like a representative of the royal family.

 Baroque and Rococo - these directions are popular with people who want to surround themselves with luxury. These styles are characterized by the presence of many decorative elements in the interior. 

Modern - it is chosen by those who prefer external refinement, grace and at the same time durability and practicality. Modern bedrooms are an original combination of elements of different styles. 

The design allows pieces of furniture made of glass, plastic and other materials. From all this, it follows that people with different tastes can choose their bedroom furniture, both in Italian style and in another. 

And for those who cannot define their preferences in any way, the consultation of a specialist will help. A competent designer will offer several options, one of which will definitely suit you.

Materials from which Italian furniture is made 

 Furniture made from natural materials has always been loved and demanded by consumers because of its environmental friendliness and natural beauty. In online stores, models made from solid wood are presented, and the bodies of products can also be assembled from chipboard and MDF wood boards, glued solid wood, made up of scraps of boards. 

 As finishing materials, Italian designers use natural leather, various types of silk, flax, and fur. Exclusive headsets are decorated with precious metals, crocodile leather or ivory. Carving, inlays, forging elements are traditional types of decor. 

 The main pieces of Italian bedroom furniture The purpose of the bedroom is to create a sense of peace and tranquility. The decor of this room should be such that the person, upon waking up, was in a good mood and felt the energy for everyday activities.

 A bedroom set usually consists of: comfortable bed; bedside tables; chest of drawers; wardrobe; dressing table. italian bedroom furniture It is important for furniture manufacturers to make it comfortable, so they pay special attention to the development of bed designs. 

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They have a comfortable shape, you can choose a suitable bed size, and they are made of natural wood.

Italian furniture for a children's bedroom

 Parents make basic requirements for the safety of furniture and other items that surround the child in everyday life. An environmentally friendly environment is essential for healthy development and growth. 

Buying furniture for children from Italian craftsmen means showing real concern for their safety and organizing a suitable space for creativity and development of abilities.

 The best design studios and manufacture children's furniture, which set themselves the task of creating sets for children's rooms in compliance with safety requirements. There are no sharp corners and other elements in pieces of furniture that can be dangerous.

 Italian furniture for children is produced on high-level equipment, quality control is carried out at all production stages, only environmentally friendly raw materials are used. How many people, so many tastes exist, so designers are constantly working on designing new children's collections in different styles - modern, classic, art deco and others. 

By purchasing luxury furniture made in Italy, loving parents create an atmosphere of well-being and luxury for their children.

Complete set of children's headset

 Italian factories produce high-end furniture sets, and children's collections are no exception. The assortment contains many items, making it easy to plan a harmonious environment in the nursery. T

o expand the playing possibilities of the room, the items of children's furniture are equipped with spacious drawers, there are also various kinds of racks, original chests in which you can hide your "treasures" on sale. Such decorative items perfectly complement the decor and are very popular with children. 

 The study area of ​​the children's room is usually equipped with the following pieces of furniture: a table with a computer stand and a retractable table top; bookcase, pencil case or shelving; comfortable chair on wheels; bean bag chairs. 

Such an organization of space helps the child to get involved in the educational process and provides all the opportunities for the development of abilities. italian furniture for children's bedroom.

In the recreation area, it is necessary to place a comfortable bed, an ottoman, a sofa with a transformation mechanism, in extreme cases, a retractable folding bed. But you should always choose a piece of furniture that will provide the best conditions for sleeping and will not take up much space in a small room. 

How to choose Italian bedroom furniture 

You can understand the modern buyer who finds it difficult to choose the right style among the variety of furniture sets. The modern market is huge, so there is no need to make a hasty choice and stop only at the manufacturers of luxury furniture. Many expensive models have analogues at a more affordable price. Before buying, you should conduct an analysis and identify the best option.

Buying a furniture set is a serious and responsible business, and taking into account the wide variety, it can be very difficult to choose. You need to be more attentive to the following criteria: The use of quality materials is the main guarantee of safety, high wear resistance and durability of the manufactured products.

 Especially these qualities will be appreciated by people suffering from allergies, families with small children and animals. Functionality - modern technologies make it possible to combine individuality and multitasking in products. One example - a lift bed - is both a comfortable sleeping place and a spacious storage box. 

Furniture items should be carefully inspected before purchasing. Furniture showrooms allow potential buyers to try out the softness and elasticity of sofas for themselves, you can open cabinets and pull out drawers to check the quality of the fittings.

 Compliance with style - furniture should be combined with the overall design. If you are planning to buy Italian Art Deco furniture, then make sure that the furniture set and decoration are in harmony with each other. 

Designers strive to make furniture as comfortable as possible. High ergonomics, beauty and pleasant tactile sensations - these are the criteria that the developers are striving for. They put not only skill and knowledge into their works, but also share love and a particle of their soul. 

 When choosing furniture, you should also take into account the correspondence of price and quality: When ordering via the Internet, Italian furniture is cheaper than in conventional shopping centers. The advantage of online stores is the absence of rental payments and other costs, which significantly reduces the cost of goods.

 In some cases, their prices are 15% lower compared to traditional trade. But there is a risk of acquiring a fake. First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the information on the official website of the factory, and then find the manufacturer's representatives in your city. It is safer to buy from companies that have been in business for a long time and have a good reputation. 

Official representatives of Italian factories provide an opportunity to choose furniture sets directly from the manufacturer's catalog.

 How to combine Italian furniture in the bedroom

 So, you have decided on a set of bedroom furniture. But, perhaps, you do not feel confident in the selection of decorative elements. 

How not to change the Italian style, our tips will help you understand: Textiles on the windows and beds soften and liven up the interior with wooden furnishings. Bedspreads, curtains, pillows always attract the eye, their color and texture should be in harmony with the overall design of the room.

 The task of local lighting is solved by installing lamps on pedestals near the bed. With their soft and warm light, they fill the bedroom with coziness, and the room looks a little mysterious. Several paintings on the wall behind the bed will look completely Italian. A couple of reproductions, similar in style, emphasize the concept of the room.

 If there is a need to create a working area, then in the bedroom you can find a place for a small table and chair; a plain tablecloth will be a decoration for the first one. It is not typical for the Italian style to use flowers and indoor plants in the interior. But it is not forbidden to put a flower pot to decorate a windowsill or a bedside table.

Knowing all the subtleties, it will not be difficult for you to combine all decor items and furniture in the bedroom into a single ensemble. As a result, your favorite room will receive a beautifully designed Italian design. 

If you dream of Italy and dream that your bedroom will remind you of the time spent in one of the wonderful places of this country, try to embody the design in the Venetian spirit. Don't be intimidated by the multicomponent and seeming complexity of this project. When you realize your idea, an Italian-style bedroom can give you many pleasant hours. 

 More photos of Italian bedroom furniture

More photos of Italian bedroom furniture

More photos of Italian bedroom furniture

More photos of Italian bedroom furniture

Nobili Furniture is a combination of modern classics and the most fashionable trends. We closely follow the novelties in the world of interior design and manufacture furniture in accordance with the latest trends. 

What you see at the Milan exhibition in April will already be available in the assortment of our store in the fall. Furniture from the Nobili company remains relevant and does not go out of fashion for many years. 

Our clients do not have to regularly update the interior. It is enough to add new elements or swap modules (for example, when it comes to hanging living rooms). Natural wood furniture. Our products are environmentally friendly and safe, thanks to the natural materials used in the production. 

You and your loved ones will certainly appreciate our care for your health. And the pleasant aroma and energy of natural wood in the apartment will fill it with an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

 A wide range of products

 Here you will find furniture for the living room, bedroom, hall, nursery, and you can also choose items that complement the interior. A ready-made interior solution will save you time. Moreover, with us you do not have to spend money on the services of designers. Our experts will be happy to draw up a furniture arrangement plan that will meet all your requirements. 

Find out more about the recommendations made by professional designers when looking for Italian bedroom furniture.

 Comfort every day. In the manufacture of furniture "Nobili" uses only the best and most modern fittings. You don't need to make an effort to open or close a drawer or door.

 Mechanisms made in Italy will ensure that there are no annoying sounds. In addition, the inside of the drawers is upholstered with high-quality velor fabric, so you can keep your personal belongings safe. 

 Decent quality at the best price

 We manufacture furniture at partner factories in Europe, therefore we are ready to offer our customers the most affordable prices. Think about whether you are ready to overpay for foreign-made furniture. Our factories produce furniture of such a world famous brand as Francesco, the quality of whose products there is no doubt.

 With us, you do not overpay for the brand, but you get excellent quality for a reasonable price. Most of the items from our assortment are in stock. This means that by placing an order today, in a couple of days you will receive furniture delivered to your home. You don't have to wait long weeks. 

 The Nobili company has been successfully operating in the market for 15 years. We represent a federal chain that produces furniture under several brands (Meteora, Avenatnti, Francesco). The company's products are in great demand, which allows us to expand production even in times of crisis. They come back to us, they recommend us to friends.