Top Italian furniture trends in 2021 - Luxury bedroom furniture

Trends in the furniture industry are perhaps one of the most constant. Fashion for clothes comes and goes, so every season we have to update our wardrobe, but with the furniture everything is different. Its trends are as durable as quality interior objects.

 Yes, there are certain preferences in selecting the style, materials, shades of color, but the basic requirements remain unchanged: everything should look respectable and elegant, remaining as functional as possible, regardless of the funds spent. We are talking about trends that will be relevant for more than a year. Nobili | Nobili

 The first thing to pay attention to is the ecological furniture with its wooden, metal and stone surfaces. Plants work great as details in such interiors. Try to ennoble the windowsills or balconies with green spaces, do creative gardening.

 Attention to detail. 

An eco-style living room can be decorated with a muscle panel or a hemp-shaped coffee table. Nobili | Nobili |

 Modern style from the middle of the century It originated in America in the mid-1940s, and has recently grown back into the top of furniture charts. And this is not accidental: comfort, practicality, the ability to make a slight contrast, the use of retro furniture and simplicity make the middle of the century a favorite of designers. 

 This style is characterized by a new approach to zoning, ie the absence of unnecessary partitions, a free look. It is based on shades of white and light, which are mixed with things with a bright accent: vintage retro accessories, ironic stylizations, modern art objects.

 Modern bedroom furniture Italy 

 This style is ideal for creative people and couples with different tastes

The main principle of eclecticism is the combination of the incongruent, which consists in the harmonious neighborhood of different conceptual furniture and the fusion of different elements into a single image. Variants are possible in a color scheme, and with a well-chosen lighting, such an interior will definitely win. The main the thing is to follow a few simple rules: 

⦁ Place large objects in the background and those that are smaller in front. ⦁ Pick up pieces from different styles and even eras. ⦁ Choose only styles that match the mood and atmosphere of the project. ⦁ Look for things in common. 

Most often, the common color is the color of interior objects. ⦁ Don't be afraid of abundance and don't hesitate to experiment! Italian furniture in classic style, Nobili | Nobili | Nobili

 The Memphis style is attractive and full of spirit. It is characterized by geometric shapes, rich colors and modern high-tech materials. The main task is to create the effect of surprise, to abandon any frame. 

Collages, textures, paintings, posters, textures and a variety of materials that complement each other skillfully are appropriate. In this article, we talked about only a small part of what is in demand and is popular today. It seems to us that we will stop at one thing - this is the most difficult thing. Therefore, as with any style issue, from clothing to your own home, awareness, observation, and the opportunity to consult with a professional are important, Nobili | Nobili | Luxury House Interior Design | Sitemap Nobili | Blog Interior Design | Interior Design Inspiration | Mobila Import Italia