The bedroom is a special room in the house, it is a seating and relaxation are

 The interior of the bedroom must think through the details, because it depends on how it ends and where your day will begin. Each person provides the bedroom in his own way: someone puts in a spacious bed with bedside tables, others complete the situation with a cabinet-cup, a toilet table or a TV-tube.

 The layout of the room depends on the area of the room and the functional purpose. If the bedroom is small, do not overload it with pompous headphones, walls or cabinets, enough bed with bollards. The wardrobe in this case can be taken to the living room, which is very appropriate and concise. 

The main rule - the bedroom should be comfortable and spacious. All items of furniture for the bedroom should be chosen taking into account the general interior design and taste of the owners. However, it is worth to focus on the quality of the furniture purchased, ideally, if the furniture is made from natural raw materials. 

Beds in sleeping sets have orthopedic, built-in or detachable bases. Here you can lift a mattress with a spring or spring block. Please note that it is important that not only furniture, but also textiles and bedding are made from natural raw materials. The bed is in the center of the stage in the bedroom, and its choice deserves to be approached responsibly. 

Before we buy, we think about the size of the bed, height, width and length. Think you might want to choose a model with retractable or built-in drawers, headboard shelves or a lifting mechanism. As a place to sleep in order to save space in the room, some hosts prefer to buy a sofa. 

This solution is not suitable for daily sleep and can harm health. Despite the appearance of orthopedic sofas with a variety of transformation mechanisms, there may still be back problems. So stick to the classic version of the bed - bed, tahta. 

It is desirable to decorate the bedroom in pastel shades, this palette adapts to sleep and promotes relaxation. Do not exclude entirely bright colors, it is quite appropriate to place saturated accents - colored pillows, contrast lampshade. Candles and subdued lighting will help to create an intimate environment. To read before bed should provide a small sconce at the head of the bed. 

Classic and modern body furniture 

The case furniture consists of different elements of furniture and allows you to shape the interior independently, as well as conveniently store things. Conventionally can be divided into modern and classic furniture. Let's try to understand what the differences are between them and what their similarities are. The elements consisted of Classic modular furniture includes standard items: wardrobe, closet, closet, open shelves. And here, unfortunately, a few options for their arrangement - just two or three. 

Modern furniture is more divers

The set can be several modules: from modern cabinets- cups to trendy bedside tables for TV and other equipment. Very often shelves and cabinets are equipped with lighting. All components can be attached to the wall on top of each other in different combinations. In this case, decide to place the modules. 

But you can trust and professionals and buy ready made kits. Furniture for on-site furniture Classic modular furniture is usually equipped with round or oval handles, gold or bronze. Modern furniture can be without accessories at all, for example, a "push-open" system is installed.

 Frame materials. The traditional set of enclosure furniture is often made of laminatecpD, and the more expensive and elite models are made of wood. Furniture is covered with natural veneer, lacquered or colored. Modern, flat facades are made of DSP or MDF tiles not very expensive. Very often the sets are complemented by facades of glass, aluminum and other metal elements. 

For finishing classic furniture use mainly veneer of red or black wood, pears, apples, walnut and even rosewood or eucalyptus. When decorating modern bedroom furniture, use different colored malt, which are well adapted for clear geometric shapes. A veneer is also used, perfectly suited for modern sophisticated furniture facades.