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Interior features Bedroom furniture includes several basic elements that make up the entire interior of the room. By ordering furniture individually, several tasks are solved simultaneously. First, on command, the physiological characteristics of each person are taken into account, Nobili Design. Secondly, choose the preferred color and style of the bedroom. Thirdly, it is possible to choose a material for furniture, according to personal preferences and financial capacities. Given that a third of someone's life is spent in their sleep, it is not surprising that a person pays such attention to choosing the right furniture for the bedroom.

 Standard set of bedroom furniture The standard sleeping kit consists of a bed, two bedside tables, a wardrobe, a drawer and a dressing table. Sometimes designers include armchairs, ottomans and beautiful chairs inside. Of course, each interior is unique and depends on personal preferences, bedroom size, geometry, window layout, etc. In addition, designers recommend listening to your feelings. And yet, the main rule to order beautiful furniture can be formulated. This is the rule of matching materials and colors. The whole sleeping set must be made of the same material and in the same style.

 The style of the bedroom must also match the style of the room and the general color scheme. Beds - types and features According to the size of the bed, there are: Double - 160, 180, 200 cm. One and a half - 100-150 cm. Single beds - 80, 90, 100 cm. The dimensions of the future bed must be determined first, because this parameter is necessary when ordering a mattress. It is possible to order a bed of individual size. Specifying the size of the bed, it is worth mentioning parameters such as the size of the bed and the size of the bed. Experts distinguish between these two concepts. 

For example, the bed can exceed the width of the mattress by 40-70 cm. Alternatively, the bed may have special sides or can be installed on a podium. The next important parameter is the height of the bed. Its value is individual for each product. A bed too high or too low is difficult to climb or stand. A comfortable bed height is selected individually for each person. One thing worth mentioning is that a taller bed will be warmer in winter than a lower one. If the size of the room is small, then the bed must be the appropriate size. Otherwise, a huge bed can simply spoil the design of the room. 

For a good rest, a mattress is of great importance. Modern orthopedic mattresses can perfectly relieve fatigue and relax all body muscles. In general, such mattresses can safely be called the most useful invention of orthopaedics. Very often, individual beds are equipped with drawers. This is a very convenient function for storing laundry or other items. Beds with drawers save space and make the bedroom more functional. Bedroom furniture and, in particular, classic beds have a strong frame, basic box, lining and plate, slats or logs - slats on which the mattress is placed. The more these panels, the better. Although these beds are more expensive. Here you must understand that modern mattress models do not tolerate uneven surfaces.

 Besides, they're pretty heavy. Quality blades offer:
 • natural ventilation for the mattress 
 • reducing the load on the mattress and on the bed box
 • enhance the anatomical effect of the mattress, i.e. complete it with orthopedic Properties
 • creates a light spring effect due to their curved shape
 • extend the length of the bed, as they take full weight of the mattress 
 • such a base does not create Bedroom cabinet
 The closet is the second most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. 
The bedroom is always associated with good rest and good mood. Therefore, the wardrobe must correspond to the chosen style, must be as functional as possible and also directly solve the problems of storage of clothes and other household items.

 If your bedroom doesn't have a Windows%% is decorated in one of the modern styles - minimalism, hi-tech, fusion, contemporary - a closet with sliding doors is very suitable. A two- or three-door closet will fit better into the atmosphere of a classic bedroom, as well as Provence, baroque, retro. Chest cabinets, bedroom tables A dressing table is a traditional place for storing cosmetics and jewelry. However, it can be safely called the most beloved interior detail for the female bedroom. Of all the pieces of furniture, it is particularly charming and gives the room a unique charm. or. The dressing room in the bedroom is usua lly located next to the window or by the bed. Chairs, Ottomanoror or benches with a soft pillow can be used as comfortable additions. Such an interior is often decorated with a luxury lamp. 

The bedroom commode has long been mandatory. It is very convenient for storing bed and linen, clothes and various accessories. The main rule to make the drawer comfortable to use is that its size must correspond to the size of the bedroom. The height of a 120 cm drawer is considered standard. Although, of course, it all depends on the customer's wishes and specific purpose. The top of the drawer is convenient for placing photos, favorite souvenirs, flowers, etc. Color and light in the bedroom The color in the bedroom matters a lot. The right choice of color promotes good rest and positively affects a person's mental state. Moreover, psychologists consider that the color of the bedroom is a direct reflection of the inner soul state of the master. A correctly chosen color in a room where a person falls asleep and wakes up involuntarily becomes the driving force that sets the pace of life for the whole day. This is why the color palette of the bedroom is so important. 

The color scheme for the bedroom depends on many factors, for example: 
• The smaller the bedroom area, the lighter and colder the shades should be for it. clearance. 
• The choice of desired shade depends directly on the style of the room. 
• The darker the room, the lighter the colours used Recording. 
• The choice of color also depends on the psychological component.

The bedroom - a room in which you can fully relax. You should like the color. At the same time, it must be be in a palette of shades that promote relaxation. Traditionally, it is recommended to give preference to light colors in the design. This is especially true for a small bedroom. Bulky (or excessively decorated) furniture that does not correspond to the size of the bedroom " As for bright or dark spaces (red, purple, etc.), here the opinions of the experts were divided. The only thing that designers agree on is to use "aggressive" bright shades not in their pure form, but to dilute them. steals" the already lacking space.

 For a proper organization of lighting in the bedroom, you must: Consider the room area. For small and spacious bedrooms, there are different principles for the selection of lamps. However, we must recognise that this is not an easy task for any area. Artificial lighting sources should not overload the interior design. Lustre, floor lamps, bedside lamps must be of dimensions to a certain extent proportional to the surface of the room. The design of the luminaires must correspond to the chosen style. For example, a massive chandelier will look ridiculous both in a small bedroom and in a bedroom decorated in a minimalist style. Spatial zoning is the next important consideration when planning lighting.

 Any bedroom should always have general lighting and lighting for a specific area. For example:
 • reading lights before bed 
 • illumination of the dressing table A beautifully lit ceiling can turn a bedroom into a real seating area. Also, the tone of light is important for the bedroom. Designers recommend lighting in warm colors. Because warm light has a calming effect on the psyche. Conclusion on the subject Before ordering furniture for a bedroom, we advise you to first consult as many photos of bedrooms completed in magazines, on the Internet, including our projects. However, you shouldn't just guide yourself to the photo you like.

 Furniture for the bedroom must fully meet the requirements only of its owners. Ordering furniture in our company takes place only according to the following algorithm - this is convenience, durability and beauty. We produce furniture in any interior style. If you have any questions, we're ready to talk to you by phone or at any of our offices.