Which bed is considered ideal for a bedroom?

Saving on good furniture for sleep - it's more expensive. Therefore, it is better to give preference not to the sofa, and a comfortable bed with an orthopedic mattress. Here and the back pain will stop, and the spine will be in the correct position, and just be on such a bed will be a pleasure. But to choose the right bed among the wide abundance of models? After all, you want to buy a sleeping headset not only attractive design, but also a good build, quality material, suitable size and other parameters. Design Choosing a good bed always starts with a look at its design. 

It consists of the base, where the mattress and frame is placed, on which the base is underlined. The frame is divided into the following types: two back (head and bottom) and two side panels of the bed on the sides; 4 side panels and 1 or 2 hinged rears. It's hard to tell what type of frame is better. First, you have to look at its quality - an indicator of the durability and reliability of the model. If you choose a substandard copy, it will soon go into bad condition and will start to creak. Therefore, it is better to take beds on the back support than sleeping furniture on the legs. Feet break more often than the supports of a larger area.

 But you have to choose here. The generally accepted standard shape of the bed is a rectangle. It is convenient, practical and reliable. But there are other forms: circle, oval, bow, heart, diamond and others. Of course, such models of beds look spectacular and immediately catch the eye. But such forms can cause a lot of problems: the ability to fall out of bed during sleep and the difficult choice in the selection of bed linen, which must be made to order.

 Size When choosing a bed, it is necessary to consider the growth of people who will rest on it. It is also necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room, so that the bed is not only suitable, but also did not take much space for the passage. It is best to give yourself the preference of a small bed size, instead of choosing bulky sleeping headphones. Highlight the following bed sizes by width: Single - up to 100 cm;

 Recommendations for choosing the best bed size:

 1. The length must be 15 cm longer than the height of the person who will sleep on this bed.
 2. The width of the double bed should be such that tourists can throw their hands freely behind the head and not disturb the person next to it.
 3. The height of the bed matters. For young people will be suitable low beds - podiums, for the elderly a larger bed. Usually, the height of the models reaches from 50 to 90 cm.
 4. There should be no narrow passage between the sleeping furniture and the wall, the bedside block and the others. At least 70 cm should separate two objects, so that the person could easily tackle the sleeping place.

 Quality of material: The bed material should be of high quality. And high quality is always similar to the durability of the product. Therefore, in order not to lose that material, highlight the following bed options: Bed from MDF - a cheap analogue compared to other models. They look comfortable and attractive, eco-friendly and safe to use. 

This option is very popular among the population. A wooden sleeping area is the best option for a bedroom. And eco-friendly, and aesthetic, and practical, and durable. It is better to choose the frame of the bed of ash, oak,. Metal is a model of high life. They look refined, chic, beautiful and elegant. Usually these are forged or welded beds. Dsp and DWP sleeping headphones are not the best option. They will last relatively short and immediately begin to creak. But the cheapest, and they can afford everyone. Choosing the base The most important thing in bed is a solid base, which is a mattress holder. And it has subdivisions for the following types:

 The base of metal bows is a relic of the past. Sleeping on such a bed is very uncomfortable. Leaf material - the weight of a person lying on such a bed is unevenly distributed. Therefore, rapid dispairing of the product at a relative cost. Metal grids (soft and rigid) - the design will take about 20 years, but the lattice will eventually pass because it is easy to tighten. Base of slats - the straps of this product are made of plastic or birch,. Their unique ability is to sag under a person's weight and return to his original state when he gets out of bed. For a bed of one person suitable 15 slats, for double - up to 30. The distance between them should be slightly longer than the length of these straps. Style solution The aesthetic component of the bed is the special role of indoor sleeping headphones. Therefore, when choosing a bed, consider the following style solutions:

 Beds with leather support are suitable for a classic, modern, ethnic and minimalist style; Low beds will perfectly complement Japanese style, hi-tech and minimalism; The wrought iron back of the bed fits perfectly inside in the style of Provence, retro and country; The back of the braided bed and bamboo frame complement the ethnic and tropical style; Beds with carved wooden backs, all types of decorative and original gilded overlay will fit into classics, rococo and baroque style. Choosing a mattress When buying a bed, an orthopedic mattress comes in the kit. But it can be made from a variety of fillers: latex, springs, cotton wool or polyurethane. However, among experts there is no consensus on which mattress is better to choose. 

Everyone's opinions are different. Therefore, it is best to test the right mattress in the store before making a purchase and decide for yourself what suits you best. The best advice is to rely on your own feelings and facilities when testing the mattress. Final tips on choosing a bed It should be remembered that in addition to the bed should also be placed in the room and closet, bedside tables, hold or closet. Besides, there should be a free passage between the bed and all this furniture. 

No clutter. If desired, you can pick up a bed and original design: in the form of a boat, a car, a swing bed, a tent and other things. But the most important thing is that the bed meets all the criteria of convenience and looked luxury inside the bedroom.

 Bed is better to buy with a comfortable mattress and only after a personal inspection and testing for power. Pay attention to the comfort, comfort, quality and manufacturer of the model. The ideal bed for the bedroom is the one that will satisfy all your requirements, conditions and desires. Therefore, focusing on the number of invoices in your wallet, the choice is yours.