Rattan furniture inside the apartment

The best solutions; We are used to seeing wicker furniture inside the country or country, on the open terraces of cafes and restaurants, as well as on the balconies of the apartments. However, in recent years, wicker furniture made of artificial rattan can be found more often and more often in urban interiors. We show you excellent wicker furniture can look inside the apartment and how you perfectly complement city living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

 What interiors will be suitable for wicker furniture? Traditionally, rattan wicker furniture in the apartment has been used by designers to create colonial, rustic and eco-styles. If you are adherents of one of these areas in interior design, then wicker furniture for you - the ideal option! It can be used to fully decorate the apartment: from the hallway and bathroom to the living room, bedroom and kitchen. However, such furniture will be useful in creating other interior styles! The braided furniture pieces will add brightness to the classic living rooms or complement the Scandinavian interior.

 Laconic furniture with matching geometric shapes will diversify minimalist interiors, and modern design elements will add bark to living rooms and high-tech bedrooms. Well, with the help of bright and colorful wicker furniture you can create an interesting eclectic interior. Especially wicker furniture becomes relevant recently, when there is a trend for ecology and harmony with nature. After all, artificial rattan is repeated on the appearance of natural materials for tissue. At the same time, it is excellent for use in dry air apartments and a lot of heating devices. Moreover, hand-woven furniture will add the status of any urban interior. Furniture braided for living room and bedroom Want to quickly and easily diversify your living room? 

Then add to the suitable interior in color and wicker chair style. For classic living rooms can be a chair with delicate weaving, bent legs and rounded back, complemented by decorative pillows of delicate colors. In addition, a traditional rocking chair or a classic sofa will be a great option for the living room. For minimalist interiors suitable chairs of dark woody shades and strict shapes. Well, to diversify the modern interior will help popular in western hanging chairs. They were invented in the 1950s in Scandinavian countries and quickly gained popularity around the world. In addition, a chair suspended from a rattan in the apartment - not only an elegant piece of interior, but also a wonderful place for rest and privacy.

 Another integral part of the living room or bedroom - small coffee, tea or bedside tables. In the case of wicker furniture in front of you, a huge selection of colors, shapes and textures opens again. In addition to the classic coffee tables made of artificial rattan with a glass countertop, you can put in the living room, for example, a wicker breast. Such a chest will combine a comfortable table and storage space, which is especially important for small apartments. Furniture made of artificial rattan for the kitchen As a rule, in the kitchen we spend as much time as in the living room: we cook food, gather as a family for dinner and drink tea with friends. Therefore, you want the kitchen to become the most comfortable part of the apartment.

 At the same time, it is important that the kitchen furniture has been unpretentious in operation. This is just perfect furniture made of artificial rattan! In any kitchen interior will perfectly fit sets of wicker chairs and dining chairs. Thanks to its natural texture and woody hues, they create comfort and add brightness to the interior. In addition, artificial rattan perfectly resists the effects of excessive water and moisture, there are no grease stains, food or drink. Well, if you still supplement chairs and dining chairs with furniture cushions, then from such a kitchen just don't want to leave! Another excellent solution for the kitchen or pantry - wicker cabinets. Such cabinets are not only sami, but also offer good natural ventilation in themselves.

 That's why they are perfectly stored cereals, spices and flour products.
 This is especially true for cold pantry or rooms with high humidity. Furniture braided in bathroom, hallway and balcony The lobby is actually the front of your apartment. After all, it is first of all see all the guests who have come. Therefore, furniture for the hallway should be not only comfortable, space and functional, but also presentable. Perfect with this task will cope with wicker chests, poufs and banquettes. In addition, artificial rattan is not afraid of wet clothes, shoes and umbrellas! The bathroom is an important part of the apartment.

 However, as a rule, it does not differ from the large area. Therefore, bathroom furniture should be spacious and not bulky, as well as water and waterproof. In this case, you will help shelves of artificial rattan. They will not only withstand the effects of moisture, but also will not be covered with fungi or mold. In addition, wicker furniture is perfectly ventilated, so you can't worry about things stored in shelves. The balcony is another small part of the apartment, which has a more aggressive impact on the environment. And it is not only in high humidity, but also in excessive exposure to sunlight. Therefore, a better option for designing a balcony or loggia than wicker furniture made of artificial rattan, and do not come! It does not fade under the sun, it is not afraid of cold, heat and excessive humidity.