Italian Designer Furniture - kitchen "Provence" - design and décor

For those who have decided to decorate the interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence, the furniture factory SV offers a kitchen set of the same name Nobili Design
Together with this kitchen set, you will receive not only a practical interior, in which you will find all the necessary modules and components, but also the design, traditional for style, in different colors. In the manufacture of the Provence kitchen set, the manufacturer uses a combination of two materials to obtain an affordable price for the set for buyers, while maintaining an attractive appearance.

 So, for the facades of the kitchen "Provence" is used MDF, and for the bodies of kitchen modules - laminate PAL of the Austrian concern EGGER. In color, the manufacturer offers several options simultaneously: white texture, truffles, denim, turquoise oak, Macassar Oak, Structural Pistachio, Coffee Oak. Ceramic-coated metal handles maintain the overall style and make the headphones even more attractive. Despite the textured coating of the facades, it is able to provide reliable protection against moisture and dirt that does not penetrate the interior and is easily removed from the surface, so keeping the kitchen clean and tidy with the Provence set will not be a problem.

 Juicy shades and functional content at an economical price are the main advantages of The Kitchen Valeria With this, it is easy to equip a comfortable kitchen in bright colors and make it practical and modern. The elegant and sophisticated furniture in the Sylvia collection, not only the main functional areas of the living room, but also the extra space of the room will not be overlooked. The Sylvia window, completed by a drawer, will take over a significant part of the storage in the living room, while remaining a harmonious part of the classic interior. For those who are tired of stereotypical interior solutions for the kitchen, the factories offer several options that combine impeccable style and unusual color combinations, remaining inside the dark classics. 

Kitchen "Beautiful" in the color of oak textured with ink is one of these options Dark shades in the decoration of the kitchen can fill the interior with special comfort, while maintaining style and functionality. 

Such a design is offered by kitchen furniture "Terra" in the color Smoky soft When the interior of a classic living room, decorated in light colors, requires a functional addition to the attached area, pay attention to the coffee tables in the Silvia collection Whether it is a rectangular table with glass insert or a round table with higher legs, choose the option that will harmoniously complement the interior designers

The interior of the kitchen, which is as far away from splendor or excessive simplicity, is a modular collection of kitchen furniture Elegant facades and functional content, unusual texture and fashionable shades - with The Glacier kitchen it's easy to assemble your own stylish and modern set.

 A compact and functional kitchen for a small kitchen with a comfortable atmosphere - only such a kitchen is easy to equip with the Provence collection Laconic design with vintage design motifs makes it elegant, and the simplicity of execution does not at all negate the special charm that is traditional for Provence style. To equip a dining area in a small kitchen, saving more free space, it is easy with a table, the part of which folds down and allows you to reduce its surface area when there is no need for a large table.

Thus, the Alexander table and the League-2 chairs will be successfully completed inside the kitchen and will help to equip a comfortable dining area, taking into account the traditional kitchen sizes and amenities. Modern kitchen with original façade design - all these are Terra kitchen In the color of cappuccino gloss, complemented by textured matte black inserts with volumetric effect, looks especially elegant.

 Ultramodern solutions coexist with the comfort and traditional warmth of natural wood - Terra cuisine fully follows this description and acts as an example of modern practical cuisine for those who usually choose non-standard solutions. The modern interior of the kitchen requires practical solutions that will maintain a special style - without unnecessary details, laconic and attractive in its elegant simplicity.

 The kitchen set meets these requirements. To make a small kitchen practical and elegant by virtue of the collection of furniture Terra An unusual finish that combines different colors and effects, good sizes of modules and their filling will allow you to equip even a small space with maximum benefits, while maintaining a unique style.