Comfortable bedroom Mobilier in a small apartment

The most difficult to design the set with a furniture headset is the kitchen. 
However, this is not quite the case. Bedroom furniture is not inferior to kitchens in complexity. After all, on the same limited area must be able to place a comfortable bed and a spacious closet, as well as organize an area for self-care. After all this, there should be room to move around the small room. The task is not simple, but it is solvable. In this material you can find practical recommendations on the design of furniture for the bedroom.
Basic principle of design It is enough to adher to the main principle - to abandon stereotypes. After all, so far, in most cases, the difference between bedroom furniture headphones consists of the color of the housing and facades, as well as the presence of decorative elements for decoration. These are all the secondary details today. The main thing is the functionality, convenience and rational use of limited space.


Despite the different interior design, all comfortable modern beds are the same. Their base is a lightweight and durable metal frame with flexible blade with springs. Since comfortable sleep depends more on a good mattress, you don't have to look for other options for basic design. There is enough frame of empty pipes, which will later be covered with tsars, headboard and foot. 

This simple design is characterized by good stability and a high level of comfort. When designing, you need to take care of something else - use the space under the bed as efficiently as possible. After all, the volume of this area is slightly inferior to the superficial cabinet with 2 doors. Simply pushing useless things under the bed, so it often happens - not the best option. All this space should be easily accessible and used to store the right things. There are two ways to achieve this result. Each of them has pros and cons. To make the right choice, you must consider both methods. Boxes: Usually the bed is equipped with 4 boxes, which are arranged in pairs on each side. However, there may be other options for distributing these items.

 The final version depends on the location of the bed in the bedroom. Using drawers allows you to quickly access the things that are stored under the mattress. It is recommended to use full extension ball guides with a load capacity of approximately 50 kg to complete retractable elements. The bottom of the boxes should be made not from DWP, but from plywood or LDSP. Thanks to this set-up, pillows, blankets, bedding and other items can be placed under the bed. Splitting the entire internal area into 4 retractable compartments allows you to maintain order smoothly and not make any effort when nominating boxes. Thanks to a reliable guide to the balls, it offers a smooth and easy extension. In order not to feel uncomfortable during operation, it is recommended that the facades of the boxes be equipped with inset handles, and for classic furniture will be suitable shell handles. 

In this version of bed picking, you should take into account that the length of the guides is 600-650 mm. There are also models of 700 mm, but have a lower load capacity. At the same time, the width of the bed is 1600-1800 mm. With other information, the total depth of the box varies between 800-900 mm and, due to the limited length of the guides, will not be able to advance completely outside the housing. It's irrelevant, but minus. In addition, it should be taken into account that not always the box will be able to advance and 700 mm - simply does not have enough space outside the bed. That such moments have not become a "surprise" after the installation of custom furniture, everything should be thought of and considered at the design stage. 

Sometimes it is even useful to draw up a plan on the floor of the furniture arrangement. Lifting mechanism The metal frame with slats can be equipped with powerful gas lifts. When choosing components, you should take into account that conventional gas lifts for facades cannot be used for such purposes. They will not be able to hold on to the weight frame with slats and mattress. In any case, it is impossible to make such a replacement for the sake of the economy. After all, the raised structure can fall spontaneously when things are removed from the sub-roof space.

 This situation is full of serious injuries. Provided that the appropriate lifts are equipped, the re-brand system is quite reliable. It provides full access to three-part internal content. To maintain order under the bed, it is advisable to divide the partitions into several compartments. The capacity of such a compartment is about 20% higher than that of the boxes. However, this storage system loses to retractable mechanisms, in which it is more difficult to reach things located in the central area of the sub-body space. Chest Installation in a small bedroom of the closet is an inaccessible luxury and irrational use of rare square meters.

 The cabinet takes up enough space with a small capacity. Most often it is in the aisle and prevents travel around the bedroom. It is much more practical to abandon the closet, and a few retractable boxes to integrate in the case of the cabinet. Bed Bollards Another additional element in a small bedroom is a bed tube. The lights can be fixed to the wall, and for the phone, a glass of water and various small things to find another place next to the bed. From bollard definitely have to refuse, because it is not practical to take so much space for the sake of two small boxes and the ability to put next to the phone. Bedside design instead of bedside table Instead of bedside tables it is advisable to install narrow foams.

 Their base can be the same as that of the bollards - about 280 x 400 mm. Penalties are installed on both sides of the bed and between them hung a mezzanine over the headboard. If the structure should be established according to all the rules, there is nothing wrong that hangs over the head furniture. Few people are confused by the beds of children on two levels, and a small hinged module suddenly causes fears. That's the wrong approach. It is enough to comply with all recommendations for safe installation and you can not worry about anything. To ensure safety, reliable adjustable cabinets are sold to be manufactured in Italy. They can withstand a load of up to 120 kg. In addition, the mezzanine compartment is attached to each foam with the help of furniture saddles. This design has a high level of safety and has an increased capacity compared to traditional bedside tables. 

For a small bedroom, this is ideal. The lower level of foams is recommended to be equipped with 3-4 boxes, and in the upper area to install a swinging door. In order not to clap the facades about the body, you need to use furniture loops and guides with the porters. If you plan to make a bedroom in a modern style, you can abandon the traditional handles and equip these modules with Gola profiles. These systems allow you to open doors and drawers without the use of furniture handles. You can read more about Gola Volpato profiles in a special review on these convenient modern systems.

 Antresol The total height of the mezzanine compartment is 600-700 mm. Inside this superficial cabinet above the bed you can install 2-3 shelves. The height of the module should be so that, standing on the mattress, it was easy to reach the top compartment. Usually, the upper levels of foam and the mezzanine compartment are the same. At the same time, the lower shelf of the hinged module should be above the headboard at such a distance that it is possible to sit on the bed and not hit the head.

 This is a basic safety technique that must be observed when designing such furniture. When choosing opening systems for the facades of the mezzanine compartment, it is not recommended to install ordinary swing loops. It is better to use lifting mechanisms or sliding device. If the preference is given to facades with vertical opening, instead of ordinary gas lifts, it is advisable to install elevators that drive the door sails up smoothly. This method of opening is most optimal in such a situation. With upgraded lifting systems, you can easily lift the façade to the desired height. To close, you do not have to reach the upper level of entresols. 

Cabinet For a small bedroom just a closet. The swinging door blade model is not suitable for the reason that the opening of the facades requires a place outside the building. With a lack of space and a certain location in relation to each other furniture in this place may simply not be enough for the complete breaking of doors with the width of canvases 400-450 mm. Sliding systems are the best option for such cases. The gear mechanism usually lasts up to 80 mm in the case of the cabinet, so it is considered the most economical in terms of space management. The optimum depth of the closet for a small bedroom, excluding the space occupied by the sliding facades, is 500 mm. 

This size is necessary to easily place clothes on the oval bar on the shoulders. However, this is not a mandatory requirement. If you can not place furniture with such depth, you can reduce the dimensions. In this case, to store things on your shoulders you will need to use other devices - retractable hangers. They are presented in the sale of different models, which allows you to lift a device for cabinets with different depths of the housing. You can learn to form the interior space of the closet in a separate review. However, when designing furniture for a small bedroom, there are shades that need to be considered: 

It is not recommended to store the outer clothing in the bedroom closet. At least the place for its placement is rationally allocated on the residual principle - after without damage will be distributed in the case of the compartment for storage of linen, bedding, shirts, blouses, suits, skirts and trousers. The same goes for shoes. It is advisable to integrate in the case of retractable cabinet ironing board and a basket of washed things. That's the most rational way. After all, for ironing you will usually have to still look for a place outside the closet. And if for its installation you will need a very small compartment. In addition, it is very convenient to iron things and clean them immediately in the closet. It is best to use retractable baskets to store bed linen, towels and bed linen.

 This method will quickly find the right things and provide a complete ventilation of the offices, so that there are no unpleasant odors. If you want to integrate the chest into the closet, it makes sense to distribute the boxes in the lower areas of all offices, rather than installing them in one section on top of the other. Medium areas are better to divert to regular shelves and oval rodsToilet table The purpose of this piece of furniture for the bedroom does not require an increase in the depth of the case, so the design can be allowed to narrow it to the required size. To increase the capacity it is advisable