Classic style bedroom furniture

If in other rooms of the apartment you can experience, the bedroom usually wants to turn into a comfortable island of calm, serenity and nobility. This task copes perfectly with the classic style bedroom design. This style, like good wine - over the years only gets better, despite the rapid change of trends in the world of design. 

 Feature of the classic bedroom décor .

The classic bedroom may be different. It is wanted to add to it the luxury of palace rooms, the second aspiring to the aristocracy of English classics, others combine classic antiquity with modern décor, the fourth integrate into the classical elements of styles of Provence, Baroque and Art Deco. Directions can be listed endlessly. But there are a number of details that remain unchanged in any bedroom with natural floors In the classic interior of the bedroom, the most suitable solution will be natural wood flooring. It should be monochrome and non-contrast in relation to the shades inside. 

For example, the black floor against the background of the walls of light and caramel décor to the classic bedroom is not suitable. Replace natural parquet can be high quality laminate. Asic. Stucco The permanent attribute of the classic bedroom is plaster or polyurethane stucco. It is attached to the perimeter of the ceiling, around chandeliers and wall lamps, on door portals, can frame paintings or mirrors. In Victorian or neoclassical style, the stucco décor is represented by moldings without carved details, in the baroque bedroom - gilded stucco with vignettes and a complex pattern. 

Ceiling finish and luxury chandelier Crystal chandelier and graceful ceiling will effectively complement the classic interior, be it palace style or laconic neoclassical. The place where the chandelier will hang is framed by a stucco outlet. If you plan to create a palace bedroom, Italian chandeliers with lots of horns and stylized under candles will be suitable. If it will be a neo classical interior, you should give preference to a more concise version with textile ceilings and minimal crystal decoration. In a modern classic bedroom you can also experiment with light. 

For example, the ceiling will fit perfectly with the LED lighting. If you highlight it curly niches, you will get a three-dimensional effect, and the ceiling will appear higher. Note! The bedroom on the north side is always devoid of sunlight. Therefore, it should be kept in light colors and equipped with a lot of lamps, in case of counterIstt's bedroom Furniture Beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, toilet tables in the classic bedroom should also be classic.

 Furniture is decorated with elegant or inlaid sculptures

 In terms of color, there may be two options: ivory, creamy, snow-white: suitable if the interior is designed in elegant neoclassical style or palace; Chocolate, brick: for a bedroom in classic English or colonial style. Note! The classic style does not tolerate chaos, so it is important to arrange the furniture symmetrically and according to the design idea. Otherwise, the noble bedroom will turn into a tasteless room. Noble colors r the interior will be too gloomy. 

As a rule, classic bedrooms are dominated by muted shades: pearl, cream, sand, gray-blue, cappuccino, olives. To make the bedroom not seem too boring, you can add bright accents. Their colors should also be noble: emerald, chocolate, wine, beaujolais. For example, bright curtains, figurines, puffins, pillows, vases can stand out against a pastel background. To enhance the nobility of the interior can be added details of gold or silver. If the bedroom is small, a little to expand it will help light the walls and ceiling. Combined with mirrors, good lighting and transparent tulle, this design will add space and brightness to the room. In a spacious bedroom, dark colors can be used without restrictions, but only in combination with light. Luxury textiles 

The interior of the bedroom in the style "classic" is certainly complemented by bedspreads, decorative pillows, silk carpets, curtains with unusual edges and other textile details. And the more there are, the more comfortable the room will look. When choosing a fabric, focus on a few shades: Naturalness; Density noble glow and texture; The ability to gather in beautiful folds. Perfectly suited velvet, silk, velour. Heavy curtains are necessarily complemented by pick-ups with graceful brushes.

 Elegantly complements the multi-layered classical composition of the bedroom on the window. It uses dense textiles and translucent fabrics: organza or chiffonPaired decoration elements For classics is a very important symmetry in everything, and the bedroom is no exception. Pair of elements that are placed on both sides of the symmetry axis and create an organic composition will help create it. In the bedroom, the role of such an axis usually carries the bed. 

Symmetric decorative objects can be: bedside tables; Bras or table lamps; Mirrors or decorative panels; Vases; puffins and armchairs; decorative panels framing the headboard of the bed. In the search to create beauty, it is important to know the extent. Even the most spacious room will turn into a warehouse, where the decoration elements will not be size and excess. In the bedroom there should be a lot of space, so the unnecessary details of the interior are hidden in the closet. Divided into areas in a classic bedroom A bedroom designed just for sleep is something on the verge of fiction.

 The room is safe to be a dressing room in the form of a closet, an area for storing household widgets and an area with a toilet table to put you in order. And some freelancers and not their sleeping supplement with a comfortable job. So to divide the classic bedroom into areas and what kind of décor will emphasize the nobility of style? 

Recreation area. The main detail of the classic bedroom is a large bed. It should be in the spotlight. Attention to it is necessarily accentuated by any decoration: an image, a mural, a mural painting over a headboard. Original and very romantic will look like a bed, decorated with a translucent canopy. It is fixed on a suspended ceiling structure, pre-decorated with textiles. Work. If you can't do without a work area, you can arrange it by the window.

 For example, remove the heating radiator under the window, replace the window sill with a wide countertop, and in front of it put a comfortable chair. On both sides of the makeshift table you can place the same book shelves. Boudoo area. Usually presented with a carved table, banquet and mirror in a graceful frame. The color of the table and the mirror frame are chosen in the tone of the rest of the furniture, and the banquet can easily turn into a bright accent.

 To separate the boudoer area from the rest, use classic plaster pilasters. Locker room. Arrange a complete dressing room is not always possible, so in the classic bedroom its role takes on a built-in closet. To make it fit perfectly inside, the façade is raised in the color of the walls, and along the door and around the perimeter of the ceiling to the stucco cornice. It will turn the whole interior into a single structure. 

Kid 's corner. If there is no separate room for children in the apartment, you can arrange a corner for the child in the parents' bedroom. That it is not removed from the classical general specifics, choose a cot carved under the color of furniture with a translucent canopy. It can be completed with a comfortable chair for the mother and a vintage white-and-gold floor lamp. plasma TV in such a bedroom. The most suitable option is to hang it in a niche decorated with Venetian plaster. To keep the feeling of a noble retrointerr, under the TV you can put a massive closet.