Classic Italian bedroom furniture made of natural materials

Bedroom furniture in classic italian style
Italy wide range of bedrooms allows you to choose items in the bedroom and meet the needs of the buyer at his request. Images of classic bedroom furniture from Italy see in our shop - furniture salon Italia Club in ROME A range of wood - beds, cabinets, cabinets - will decorate your home and make it comfortable, comfortab Classic bedroom Casanova 21010 Factory Euro Design Furniture from Italy is already here. Meet the real Italian furniture at the Euro Design factory.

The Euro Design Factory is one of the most popular furniture manufacturers, their fame that they have earned because they approach their work with precise quality control and freedom of thought in design for their collections. It does not take many words to describe the Italian furniture of Casanova for a euro bedroom design. Just take a look and immediately understand everything, the collection of Furniture Casanova matrix for the bedroom includes not only beautiful elements on the legs, but also reliable in its quality. Furniture to order from the manufacturer 

The company specializes in the manufacture of furniture and design on individual orders. We have a professional ensemble, installation and reconstruction of products. The materials used are strong, presentable, diverse and environmentally friendly. Product varieties We offer furniture in the following categories: Incorporated furniture products of red, white, MDF, DSP, other raw materials in different styles. Wooden kitchen headphones and artificial materials. 

Modern and classic for children for boys and girls. Built-in and leather cabinets, foams for hallways, living room, bedroom. Products for the cottage: gazebos, cellars, stairs and sheds. The hallways are built-in, straight and cornered. Boxes of different sizes. The cabinets are home and for the leader. Delivery and payment Here not only can you order cheap quality goods, but pay for them in different ways: Cash. On the map.

Delivery is carried out in ROME and in the region, in addition, you can always pick up the point of self-delivery. Transport in other regions is carried out with the help of professional courier companies. Pre-products are sent to assembly, so you can eliminate design errors. Guaranteed delivery in a timely manner, the company hires polite and attentive drivers and shippers. Advantages Why is it profitable to buy from us? We offer the following benefits of collaboration: The ability to call a qualified design and design specialist at home. Preparation of the base of the sketches on the spot, agree with the final project with the client. 

Production includes strict quality control. The result is guaranteed to be of high quality and accurate thanks to pre-assembly. The efficiency of the manufacture by individual dimensions, the conditions of cooperation are confirmed by the contract concluded with the customer. Order powerful and stylish furniture within the company that will meet your requirements and needs. The products are made from organic and safe raw materials, which contributes to the long functioning of the products. Bank transfer. The calendar of production of Valentin kitchen size 5 to 2.54m of an oak range depends on the current production workload and urgent desires from the customer.

 Please send a request in advance or contact us for details. Non-transformer sofas are classic soft furniture that decorates the living room, study room, kitchen and other rooms in the room. Today you can choose a lot of different sofas-transformers, but straight sofas without a transformation mechanism remain very popular and find their customers.

 What are their advantages? The main purpose of the sofa is to stay, not to sleep. This is an excellent alternative to a chair or chair, which has a different upieculation, décor, shape of the legs, backrest and other shades, but "essence" remains unchanged - creates a convenient recreation area. If you do not need extra sleeping places or want to put a comfortable sofa in a room that does not involve such an opportunity or necessity, then you pay too much for unnecessary transformation functions is not necessary - it is better to buy a sofa without transformation! 

In such a model, designers pay all their attention to comfort! What should you focus on when buying a non-folding model? The appropriate level of seat height; Strength, elasticity and reliability of the filling; The right back and practical shape of the sofa. Triumph Furniture Factory offers you a huge catalog of models with different upholorths, different sizes and all forms at affordable prices in Krasnodar!